My Books


Remedy For Memory, Written and Illustrated by Brista Drake

“After some time, I could talk to people, but I couldn’t say your name. I couldn’t put your name next to how I was feeling. There was something broken, and I just . . . didn’t think anyone could believe me. So I wrote it down instead. I wrote this all for me . . . For you.”

If Trisha could summarize in one word her entire past relationship with Aaron, “The Baron,” it’d be a long, sarcastic “thanks.” For most of his life, Aaron Madison glorified being the butt of every joke, but after meeting Trisha four years ago, everything had changed. If there was a time to speak, it was now.
-If you like the narration of “Thirteen Reasons Why,” you won’t go wrong with picking up this stand-alone!

The Adventures of the Gween Gwob: There’s No Place Like Home by Benjamin J. Short, Illustrated by Brista Drake

Benjamin J Short’s debut children’s book is about a green glob named… Gween Gwob! This adventurous creature just wants to make some friends. Will he be able to find someone who can accept him for his differences?