Book Review: The Secret of the Old Clock

Read January 6th, 2017

The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene this was a short-ish book (180 pages), I figured I’d start the year off right by reading it in one night! I just got a box set of the first five books in the series, so I thought “might as well!”

I do realize these books are more or less meant for kids and also I have the hugest bias toward the franchise (I literally collect the PC games), so I’m going to try to leave both factors out of this review.

As an adult, I wouldn’t say this isn’t the most entertaining read, but as a kid, I might’ve liked it a lot more. I will say that even as a child, I still would’ve been able to predict what ended up happening in almost all of the situations (this book didn’t leave anything up to the imagination), but the language was refreshingly mature. This did happily surprise me. I especially liked were the plot was starting to go halfway through the book, even if it was predictable, it was exciting!

This book really pushed good morals and relationships, so if you’re a mom or dad maybe this would be a good book series to have your children read.

As a children’s book, I’d give The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene a 3.5, only because as a child I read much more interesting novels in the past. I LOVE YOU NANCY DREW! My rating system is below:

  • My rating system stands: 5/5 is a knock out of the park; this book deserves to be read by everyone. 4/5 is, “I really liked it,” but it did have a couple of kinks. 3/5 is, “I believe there are a lot of people who would enjoy this book, but for one reason or another, it didn’t sit well with me.” 2/5 is, “I really didn’t enjoy it and I’m not going to recommend it.” 1/5 is, “no one read this – throw it in a lake.”

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