Kindle Worlds: A Way To Finally Pay FanFic Writers

I wanted to wait a bit before talking about Kindle Worlds. It was introduced to Amazon on May 22, 2013, and today’s date is September 22, 2014, meaning it’s been exactly four months. But I’m glad I did so to prove a point. Here’s my opinion on the matter.


Or is it? I thought the idea of making a profitable fanfic site was outstanding, since this is the first one that pays their authors for writing. If you have ever come across a fan fiction on the internet, know they’re no profitable (until now) royalties involved. Fanfics are based off someone else’s story.

A 35% royalty rate is what Amazon Worlds is offing now, which I think is completely fair! I’ll stand beside that. Most complaints gear toward “not having enough worlds,” or “not having enough royalties.” Woh! Remember, Amazon Worlds has the highest paying royalties for fanfics, because everything else is free! Outside of Amazon Worlds, Amazon Self Publishing is still one of the highest, with 70% royalties! But this will be important down below.

So, you still aren’t with me on the 35% royalties? Let’s say you publish your fan fiction using new names and settings so it looks different and can be sold as an original piece. Guess what? 70% is coming your way, but where’s the audience? Hope you have one. And for those of you who are using the site to get big, is that really the best decision? Fan fiction? WE WILL KNOW, STOP USING THE SYSTEM!!

Within the last four months, I’ve seen the site grow; only having three or four fandoms at first, Amazon Worlds broadened into a nice twenty or so to date. They started with Vampire Diaries and are building to worlds like Kurt Vonnegut’s. You know what else I’ve seen grow? The size of readers! Yes! Four months later, we are seeing amazing results from readership (true fans, so expect hard criticism where fakers lurk).

Readers, that’s right, there are people writing the actual ending of your favorite fandom that you wanted all along. But wait. Your fandom is not up yet? Maybe if Amazon Worlds had more money …they could get contracts with Disney and J.K. Rowling. …Maybe that’s why the royalties are so low for fan writers! They need investments to get the readers and fanfic writers what they want!

It’s 40% less royalties than if one published under the regular Amazon publishing, but that’s probably because 1. One can’t take ALL the credit for someone else’s work! It’s someone else’s work! And 2. Some of that missing 40% has to go toward building the site to becoming a better fandom site.

I am all aboard for Amazon Worlds. I can’t wait to write my own fan fic (my first actually). I’m just waiting for the right fandom to come along.

Those of you authors that are writing stories just to broaden your audience without knowledge of the fandom, shame on you. It’s a good idea, because I totally see this site taking off in the next few months and traffic is going to gear toward stories that were on longer with more views, but still. Genuine fans only. Stop trying to be something you’re not. Lying’s bad. And we’ll know, trust me. The moment you slip up on your facts, we’ll know.

Thank’s for reading!

P.S. And before you ask, to make your work a world on Amazon, you already have to have a HUGE audience. Not the other way around. Cheers!


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